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General informations

The site, owned by OVERDIGIT srl, has the purpose of providing support to the direct sale of devices designed and manufactured by OVERDIGIT and other complementary equipment produced by third parties. Further technical information and material related to OVERDIGIT products are available on the website in Italian and on the website in English.


Registration to the site is very important for us. Your data, processed in full compliance with the law on the protection of privacy, will allow us to handle your orders in the most efficient and automated method as possible. Once registered you can view all your information in the "Personal details" section and also change some fields. For further information on registering and the possible modification of the data contact OVERDIGIT.

Discounts on price list

All articles on this site report the official price list visible only to registered users. For reasons related to the management of the sale, the total amount of each minimum order is 80.

For registered users of type COMPANY a specific discount can be applied, based on information collected by the "registration" form and/or sended by the user directly to OVERDIGIT using the "Contacts" form. The information may include, for example, the activity, the use and potential of purchase, a company website that allows to better understand the customer and what the customer wants to communicate. Once a specific discount and any other conditions of purchase have been defined, the user can automatically use these default settings in his shopping cart.


After entering all items with the related quantities into shopping cart, you can purchase it by following a simple steps procedure. The information you provide in the registration form and any special conditions of purchase will be reflected in your shopping cart. Therefore it's important that the registration data are entered carefully and as complete as possible. We will, however, verify the proper preparation of your data sheet, suggesting or making the necessary improvements.

All articles on this site are usually in stock and this is automatically highlighted in the product sheet based on the current availability of a warehouse dedicated to the virtual store. For quantities exceeding the availability of "prompt delivery" contact OVERDIGIT to determine the specific terms of order fulfillment.


For shipping we use our couriers. The shopping cart will automatically select the optimum courier for the zone of the user. Overall shipments on Italian territory are made by GLS while, for all other nations, by the "Express Saver" service (air) or "Standard" (truck) of UPS. The cost of delivery varies depending on the country and the total weight of the selected products. The weight indicated next to the products includes base packaging consisting of an envelope with pluriball and a strong cardboard box (for OVERDIGIT products). Single boxes of the items are further packed by pluriball before being placed in a larger envelope or box.


Payments accepted by this online store are:

  • Bank transfer in advance (the coordinates of the bank will be included in the proforma invoice)
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
Payments by credit card are managed by PayPal, a leader in secure online payment. In any case, credit card details are not handled by this online store.

The purchase on this online store offers payments with commission at no cost using either credit card or PayPal.


All OVERDIGIT products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of the invoice. The terms of the warranty are:

  • The product must be installed according to the instructions given in the user manual
  • The product must be used for the purposes for which it was intended and in a correct manner
  • The product should not be opened, manipulated or show obvious signs of damage
Any costs for transportation necessary to repair shall be borne by the purchaser while all costs related to the repair and / or replacement, in the event it's impractical to repair, are payed by OVERDIGIT. In no event OVERDIGIT will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including any loss of profits and income.

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