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WP240-HSPA CoDeSys PLC with Ethernet, USB, SD, RTC, RS485, CAN, HSPA modem

WP240-HSPA CoDeSys PLC with Ethernet, USB, SD, RTC, RS485, CAN, HSPA modem
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Model: WP240-HSPA
Type: Radio modem
Item code: 099-8005
Weight: 0,250 Kg


Version of the WP240 base product with addition of the UMTS radio.
Maintains all the same features of WP240 but with the possibility of permanent Internet connection using HSPA technology.
Simultaneously to the data connection with the radio gateway, it allows the SMS sending/receiving and the handling of incoming/outgoing calls with caller number identification and rings counting.
The device can be used in all applications that require E-mail, SMS and telemetry via HTTP client where network connection on cable is not available. The high speed data connection of UMTS technology is especially appreciated with the remote use of CoDeSys tool and of the functionalities related to the Web-server such as the visualization of HMI graphic pages (for all server functions on PLC side, eg. programming and CoDeSys Web visualization, the availability for a data SIM with public IP must be verified).
The license of CoDeSys tool is included in the price.
NOTE: this code does not include the optional antenna.


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