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MRE-4/24 interface with 4 x 10A relays - 24V PNP/NPN coils

MRE-4/24 interface with 4 x 10A relays - 24V PNP/NPN coils
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Model: MRE-4/24
Item code: 099-8210
Weight: 0,165 Kg


Module with 4 power relays for the interfacing of PLC and control systems that are equipped with low current static outputs.
An ideal interface also for OVERDIGIT digital output modules of the EX series in case of necessity of free changeover contacts and switching of high loads also on line voltage.
The 24V PNP and NPN universal driving logic allows adaptation to all types of PLC outputs.
The relays are equipped with LEDs signalling the state for an immediate diagnosis of the system and with sockets with retaing spring for a simple and quick replacement.

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