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EX08AI Modbus module with 8 configurable analog inputs

EX08AI Modbus module with 8 configurable analog inputs
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Model: EX08AI
Type: Analog
Item code: 099-8103
Weight: 0,195 Kg


Interface module with 8 analog inputs that can be individually configured in an arbitrary way. It can measure voltage, current, resistance and temperature using thermocouples, RTDs, and NTC.
It's no longer necessary to purchase many products to realize a wide variety of different plants and acquisition systems. The EX08AI module not only covers the entire range of competitor products but offers unprecedented performance respect to products of similar price range. It uses two parallel 24bits ADCs filtered and decimated to obtain samples with 16 bits resolution, while the processor applies complex formulas using floating point calculation, to linearize the temperature reading.
Easy integration in the "PLC Configuration" of CoDeSys tool in conjunction with the compact Web PLCs.
Ultra compact (only 17.5mm wide) realization with DIN rail mounting.

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